Total Cloud IT: Security, Compliance & Data Governance

Six months ago, SoftwareMedia engaged a team of experts to create and launch a truly transformative services organization specifically built to address the evolving needs of the business landscape, and its insatiable appetite for the cloud. Total Cloud IT was launched in June, and even though the organization is new, the executives are seasoned industry leaders who have faced these challenges before, modeling enterprise capabilities and services and making them adoptable to the SMB marketplace, with ease and cost effectiveness. 

Why now is the big question. With the pandemic, the world in turmoil, wildly fluctuating capital marketslayoffs, furloughs, companies having to scurry around to build an infrastructure to protect workers and data in the new world of WFH. What is driving the pressing need to build something in uncertain times? 

That question is also the answer. Uncertain times. The world’s economy will not stop. US businesses and Gov’t foreign trade has made the United States the #economy in the world. US businesses bear the responsibility of maintaining that order and continue conducting business in order to fuel the world’s economy. If they don’t, then there will be major, negative effects across the globe.  

Unfortunately, the recent pandemic exposed major technology adoption weaknesses. Work from home strategies were thrust into the light, and organizations had to adapt and adopt very quickly. Security, compliance, and data governance took on new definitions as employees began to interact with corporate assets. Questions began to be asked: 

  • How do I secure an employee in their home office? 
  • Do I have sufficient governance policies and infrastructure in place to secure data from both internal and external threats? 
  • How am I able to ensure continued monitoring of internal and external (if subjected to any regulatory bodies) compliance as work patterns become more distributed? 

Security, compliance, and data governance are the core deliverables of Total Cloud IT, so we wanted to focus on those topics for our Q3 Campaign series. Below is a brief outline of what we will be covering over the next three months: 

July  Security: how to use the cloud to secure employees and corporate assets – the “5 Steps” 

  • Protect your data 
  • Secure systems appropriately 
  • Limit and control access 
  • Modernize threat detection and mitigation 
  • Establish a rapid incident response strategy 

August – Compliance: using built in services to provide instant access to compliance reporting 

  • The cumulative effects of the foregoing data and access concerns also increase risk and compliance burdens. 
  • Due to the significantly higher concentration of data on cloud platforms, they are an attractive target for an attacker. This elevates your firm’s risk. 
  • Additionally, insurers need to investigate how audits and compliance are handled at every layer in the technology stack to establish appropriate measures and ensure that no regulatory issues or costs arise. 

September – Data Governance: Build policies and services that govern, as opposed to restrict, access to data 

  • With data traveling to and from the cloud – as well as between multiple cloud-based applications –security considerations become more nuanced than when data is stored and accessed on-prem. 

We hope you will find this very informative, opening new ways to look at the technologies you currently have and new ways to incorporate the solutions tighter into your business structure. As always, we are here to help you integrate these solutions into your operations as our team has done many times. There is no better partner than the one who is committed.   

George Phipps, 
VP, Strategy


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