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Our commitment to customers during COVID-19

This post from Microsoft's leadership team details our commitment to customers during the COVID-19 crisis. It outlines how Microsoft's top priority is the health and safety of employees, customers, partners, and communities. It also explains how Teams is available for everyone and what Microsoft is doing to keep the application running smoothly. Read More...

How to maintain your mental health while working from home

During this uncertain time, it's increasingly important for people to take care of their mental health. This article from Fast Company offers suggestions to maintain mental health while working remotely. Tips range from acknowledging the impact to streamlining work, and more. Read More...

4 tips for working from home with Microsoft Teams

This blog outlines four best practices for working from home and using Teams to make your remote work productive. Tips include details on making the most of your virtual meetings, reminders on being inclusive, advice on using chats to collaborate, and information on customizing your workspace. Read More...

Remote working checklist

This infographic provides helpful guidance on how to be productive and maintain healthy boundaries while working from home. View: Remote working checklist

May Theme: Securely Access Resources in the Cloud & Office While Working from Home

Teleworking during the Coronavirus outbreak? While working from home can help slow the spread of the virus, it brings new challenges: juggling work while kids are home from school; learning new software and conferencing programs; and managing paper files at home. As you’re getting your work-at-home systems set up, here are some tips for protecting your devices and personal information.
The trend toward working remotely has been increasing for the past 20 years. The Corona Virus or Covid-19, the emergence of 5G, the transition to the cloud and new technological capabilities for the remote worker has turned the trend parabolic. Over 5 million employees worked exclusively from a home office last year according to; a 91% increase over the past 5 years. The Corona Virus has driven that number higher substantially over just the past month.
The reason remote employees offer cybercriminals such an appealing target is the size of their attack surface. Software vulnerabilities from u…