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Responding to COVID-19 together

As the world responds to the outbreaks of COVID-19 in various ways, many people and organizations are doing what they can to help others. Microsoft is working to ensure the safety of its employees, protect the health and well-being of its communities, and provide technology and resources to its customers—many of whom are now working remotely. Have a look at the compilation of resources that address the four areas in which Microsoft has prioritized its assistance: remote working, education, community support, and technical support. If you have extenuating needs right now, be sure to look for support that might be available. Read More...

Using Azure to Secure Employees at Home - This Quarters Theme at

At the beginning of Quarter 1 2020, I mentioned that this year was goingto be an exciting one. I certainly never thought of the COVID – 19 pandemic, nor the series of earthquakes we had in Utah (largest ever recorded in Utah at 5.7). I was referring to the modern technologies that have begun to define how we can securely work from anywhere at anytime. But the timeliness of our topics hopefully has provided you some guidance, as we face a majority of the workforce working from home, while other businesses are